# +7(4852) 588-686
# 10 minutes to the center of Yaroslavl
# Can take tour groups (54 people)
Бронирование номеров

About us

TRAVELER’S HOUSE HOSTEL is a place where you can discover cheap accommodation living with a few other guests. You can gain a profit out of this combination by getting standard services and best prices at the same time!

It’s possible to rent a room or a bed in our hostel, which is located just 20 minutes bus distance from the centre of the city. In Traveler’s House hostel there are 7 dorms, which offer convenient conditions for 46 guests. This is the reason why we also provide accommodation for tourist groups.

If you rent the whole room or a bed, you can save some money. First of all it concerns tourist groups and those who travel alone.

Those who arrive here alone face an excellent opportunity of meeting new friends!

You can use Wi-Fi and a med kit any time you need them.

You can find all the necessary conveniences on the floor.

We provide our guests with a parking slot in case they come with their own car. There are also slots available for buses. Inform us about the necessity of the service while reserving a room or a bed.

Our hostel “Traveler’s House” in Yaroslavl offers you convenient living conditions:

* Cozy rooms with bed linen;

* Rooms for non-smokers;

* Equipped kitchen;

* Wash kitchen;

* Essential consumer electronics;

* Free WiFi

* Lockers;

* Friendly staff

In order to reserve a room in our hostel at a low price you can dial the number +7 (4852)

58 86 86. If you have any questions you can always call us.

The administration of the hostel will be pleased to inform you about the conditions and the ways of room reservations in TRAVELER’S HOUSE in Yaroslavl